Our Services


Maritime Legal Services

1 Marine Casualties

We are ready to provide legal support and assistance in cases such as collision, salvage, general average, oil pollution, wreck removal, etc., as and when needed, in cooperation with overseas law firms as necessary.

We are ready to provide the best advice and solution based on our extensive experience and expertise in the fields of investigation of the causes of marine casualties (including crew interviews), criminal proceedings, and negotiation with the authorities (Japan Transport Safety Board, Japan Coast Guard, etc.).

Our lawyers are organized to provide legal services to resolve disputes that might follow the above cases, in Japan or abroad, by appropriately handling negotiations and the proceedings of court, arbitration, and mediation.

2 Prevention and Resolution of Maritime-Related Trouble

We are experienced and able to handle negotiations and court/arbitration proceedings regarding the following areas, in cooperation with overseas law firms as necessary: trouble with charter party such as off-hire, trouble with B/L such as delivering of cargo without production of original B/L, shipping trouble such as cargo damage caused during voyage, crew trouble, etc.

Advices on, and reviewing of, agreements on contracts and the like are among the services we provide to help prevent such trouble.

The services we provide also include contract revision for compliance with amended rules, regulations, etc.

3 Consultation on Maritime Cases in General

As a legal consultant on various issues associated with the maritime business to be addressed, such as international restrictions/sanctions, we provide a wide and varied range of services including advices.

4 Ship Finance

We have an abundance of experiences in drafting and reviewing shipbuilding/ship sale-purchase contracts, loan agreements and various associated security documents including mortgage, various assignment contracts, and conducting proceedings regarding such contracts.

With our world-wide network, we are able to offer one-stop services on various security documents under various flags.

5 Preservation and Recovery of Maritime Claims

With our network in Japan and abroad, we are ready to provide timely legal support and assistance in ship arrest/public auction for preservation of maritime claims, and ship release.

6 Other Legal Proceedings

We are also experienced in the proceedings for limitation of liability for maritime claims and the proceedings for reorganization and civil rehabilitation of shipping corporation.



1 General Corporate Legal Services

We also provide legal services regarding general corporate legal matters, such as personnel and labor affairs, drafting and providing advice on contracts in non-maritime fields, etc.

Some of our lawyers have experience of working in major companies, and this contributes to professional advices we provide, giving sufficient consideration to corporate circumstances.

2 Seminars

We can organize seminars, large or small, on various maritime-related topics inside and outside companies.

We can also provide in-house legal education to legal-department employees, and to general employees, as well.